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Re: gitk won't start after upgrade

Eliot Moss wrote:
On 4/4/2010 9:04 PM, Remi wrote:
Today I've deleted my Cygwin installation, which I've used for a year
without problems and installed the new version - I believe it's 1.7.3.
gitk won't start:
/usr/bin/gitk: line 10: package: command not found
/usr/bin/gitk: line 11: proc: command not found
/usr/bin/gitk: line 12: global: command not found

I see the same thing. It *claims* to be a shell script (starts with #!/bin/sh) but looks to me to be something different. Line 10 is the first real line of script code, and its first token is *package*, which suggests to me that this is really tcl/tk or something, that I am not familiar with how to code ...

It is tcl/tk. The command 'exec wish' is missing in the new release:

 $ diff -u gitk.prev gitk | head
 --- gitk.prev   2010-02-06 23:53:48.001000000 +0100
 +++ gitk        2010-04-02 16:37:13.001000000 +0200
 @@ -1,7 +1,6 @@
  # Tcl ignores the next line -*- tcl -*- \
 -argv0=`cygpath --windows --absolute "$0"`; \
 -exec wish "$argv0" -- "$@"

Workaround: run gitk as:

$ wish /usr/bin/gitk


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