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Re: cygintl-8.dll was not found

On 05/04/2010 10:22, wefwef wefwef wrote:
> This is what I did:
> renamed my current cygwin install directory to fool setup.exe into
> thinking it was a new installation

  If you deliberately try and fool a piece of software, you generally get to
keep the pieces when it breaks!

  By the way, you omitted any details of what you did or didn't do about your
existing package download directory when you described the procedure.  You
only said about renaming your cygwin install dir; what happened to the local
package dir?

> After the missing libintl8 error, I went through exactly the same
> process again, and this time it downloaded only 26.6 MB (27,915,820
> bytes). 

  Yeah, that's what it should have been the first time.  Looks like you messed up.

> The cygwin installer appears to have some serious bugs

  You're not analyzing this logically.  The bug, such as it is, is in your
procedure for "fooling" setup.exe; apparently it doesn't work, or you did it
wrong.   I just tried your procedure: setup.exe correctly downloaded 27MB of
files including the bash and libintl8 tarballs on the first machine, I zipped
it across to a second, ran it there, saw a proper package list, not "no files
to install", and got a fully working cygwin installation.

  But then, I didn't repeatedly mess up like you did.  I reckon the first
time, when you had 80 MB, you forgot to choose a new package directory and got
all kinds of left over and mixed up bits and pieces, and the second time, when
you saw "no packages", you chose the wrong directory for the local package
dir, you probably went a level too deep or too high.  If you'd given the full
description like I wanted, I might have been able to say for sure, but you
forgot to mention the critical steps in the description of your procedure on
the first machine, and by the time you came to describing the install
procedure on the second machine you appear to have given up on detail
altogether and just skimmed through a brief outline of what you did, so I
can't diagnose it for certain.


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