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Re: installing openssh

T T wrote:
> Thanks for the response,
> but unless I misunderstand it, it describes how to proceed with packages that are available locally. openssh does not show on the list when I run setup.exe.
> Am I missing something?
> Thanks,
> Anthony

Are you referring to the page at  If so, you
probably misunderstand the instructions on the page, how to use
setup.exe, or both.  In order to install any package available within
the Cygwin repository, you need to use setup.exe, so start by by first
downloading ( and running that.

While navigating the setup.exe interface, you'll eventually be presented
with options to download package files to a local directory, install
using package files from a local directory, or install from the Internet
which is essentially a combination of the first two.  It sounds like
you're selecting to install from a local directory.  You need to make
sure that you select to install from the Internet; otherwise, you're
likely only only to have a small subset of the possible packages
available to you.

Next, you need to select at least one Cygwin repository mirror server.
How to choose which server is up to you.  If you find that a mirror is
slow or does not contain a complete list of packages, back up in the
setup process and select a different mirror server.

Once you get to the package selection page, select to install the
openssh package.  It's in the Net category, or you can search for it by
entering the name in the edit box near the top of the window.


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