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Re: Subversion 1.6.9 doesn't return to prompt(cygwin 1.7.2/vista)

now works in 1.7.3-1
many thanks!

since i got no answer from my previous email, was it a known bug or i didnt report the problem the right way or at the right mailling list?

Le 2010-04-03 02:12, Denis P a écrit :
Hi i am new to all this stuff, i'm not even sure that i send this to the right address.

Cygwin installed with setup 1.7.2 recently

i type svn and enter
i get : Type 'svn help' for usage.
and the blinking cursor under it blink on and off forever. i cannot do anything else than close the window.

i tried these commands and included attchment:
cygcheck svn. no missing dlls.
cygcheck -s -v -r.
 strace svn
if i dont redirect in a file it end with this:

7837 5999908 [main] svn 4868 fhandler_disk_file::closedir: 0 = closedir (0xBEA9B0, /usr/lib/sasl2)
4019 6003927 [main] svn 4868 closedir: 0 = closedir (0x0)
6324 6010251 [main] svn 4868 fhandler_console::write: BE4C70, 27
3979 6014230 [main] svn 4868 fhandler_console::write: at 84(T) state is 0
Type 'svn help' for usage.
7882 6022112 [main] svn 4868 fhandler_console::write: 27 = fhandler_console::write (,..27)

Is it possible to compile from a tarball on cygwin(such as the subversion 1.6.9 on apache with the tarball of dependencies)?i tried and failed.

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