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Re: Making package installation default

On 04/02/2010 10:19 PM, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
If you don't mind fiddling around with the setup.ini file, then the key
thing is to edit this file and change the category of the desired packages
to "Base".
I did look (quickly) into setup.ini to see if there was an obvious thing to do. It was not apparent to me that that thing was to change category to "Base"
There's no need to edit setup.ini.  Just use the -P option and name the
packages you want to install in a comma separated list.  The packages
you list, those packages' dependencies, and all of the base packages
will be installed.

It gets even better once you look through the other command line options
listed with --help because you can automate installation selections to
the point that the users don't have to do anything more than run your
batch file. They won't have to interact with any of setup.exe directly.
The only thing they will see is the window showing the package
installation progress which they can cancel if they choose.
A "silent" install might be cool but I can also see that it would be useful to allow to user to browse though some of the optional packages. For example, while maybe not everybody would want gcc and make, some may. Or perhaps they want Perl or Apache. However I want to make sure that ssh is installed (it'd be nice if I could automate the running ssh-host-config, for example) so that I can ssh into their machine to fix things.
Andrew DeFaria <>
Why is bra singular and panties plural?

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