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Re: Making package installation default

On 4/3/2010 12:34 AM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
On 04/02/2010 09:28 PM, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
'setup.exe' doesn't support the GUI you're supposing.
Huh? When I run setup.exe I get a GUI - one we all know and love!
So it's the command line option or PTC. ;-) I would think a batch file
that one can point and click on would satisfy the "point and clicky"
crowd but I'm sure you understand your users better than I.

'setup.exe --help' at a command line will give you the list of
possible options.
I'll poke around at this when I get back to work. I don't run Windows at
home anymore (Well I do have a Win 7 install on a dual boot but this is
the weekend after all!).

Indeed! FWIW, 'setup.exe' did run under Wine in Linux the last time I tried it. It's been a little while since I tried that, so things may have changed. And that's only possibly helpful if you have access to Linux at home. ;-)

And yes a .bat file that you double click would probably suffice however
there is something in the whole setup structure that make certain
packages install by default (e.g. bash.exe) and other packages come up
as "Skip" (i.e. OpenSSH). I'd like to toggle it on for OpenSSH and rxvt
such that when setup.exe runs and they get to the package selection
screen, it says the version number for these and will install them by
default (IOW it won't list them as "Skip"). Is that too much to ask?

One can always ask.

If you don't mind fiddling around with the setup.ini file, then the key
thing is to edit this file and change the category of the desired packages
to "Base".

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