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Re: Making package installation default

On 4/2/2010 11:11 PM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

On 04/02/2010 04:46 PM, Jeremy Bopp wrote:
On 4/2/2010 6:31 PM, Andrew DeFaria wrote:
I maintain a local repository of Cygwin (IOW I download to a local
directory and then install from there). I let others use my repository.
I want to make it such that OpenSSH and rxvt are installed by default
but when they run setup.exe and point it to my repository OpenSSH and
rxvt are set to skip by default. How do I change that.

(I would research this first myself but right now I can't. Sorry).
Write a batch file which runs setup.exe using its command line options
to point to your repository, select the additional packages, and run
silently. I did this with success using a full mirror hosted internally
at the company for which I work. You should be able to do something
similar using your local repository; however, a full repository is nice
to have too. :-)
That might be doable (What command line options would I need?) however
the people at work are a lot more point and clickly if you know what I
mean. I would think it should be possible to simply toggle on something
to say "Install this by default". I need to do some more research I
guess but if anybody has the answer handy...

'setup.exe' doesn't support the GUI you're supposing. So it's the command line option or PTC. ;-) I would think a batch file that one can point and click on would satisfy the "point and clicky" crowd but I'm sure you understand your users better than I.

'setup.exe --help' at a command line will give you the list of possible

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