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strange problem with cygrunsrv.exe

This is truly bizarre (of course, it always is until you figure it
out...)  I have cygwin 1.7.1(0.218/5/3) on Server 2008 and I use
cygrunsrv for several services (sshd, exim, and named).   Most of the
time this works perfectly, but every once in a while the services (all
of them) won't start.   As far as I know, there is nothing different
about setup for the environments where things work and where they don't
work.   Obviously something is different, but my observation is that I
can do the same installations steps on the same box and things work fine
about 98% of the time.    Some of the things I've observed are:

1) If I reboot, the services start up.

2) If I replace cygrunsrv.exe with a dummy stub that simply logs the
path, built with VC, it gets run with net start <service> and logs the
path as expected.

3) If I build the dummy stub with g++, and it links against cygwin1.dll,
it doesn't seem to run at all.   Nothing is logged in the event log
except for the service time out message.

I don't think it's a path issue as it works fine 98% of the time and I'm
not changing the path.   Additionally, the path in 2) looks fine.
What in the world would keep an application linked against cygwin1.dll
from activating via the SCM?

Thanks for any suggestions,

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