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minimal installation

I am trying to do a minimal cygwin install plus vi, ssh, 7z, ping, and rsync.

The reason it has to be minimal is that I want to deploy it to several
pc's that don't have internet access - and are in a different country
(ie slow transfer) - to deploy the full 500mb default would be too

I have tried installing only base plus the packages mentioned by
setting all categories to uninstall and then setting base to default.
Then switching to full view, and selecting the extra packages. I
deployed this to one of my remote pc's, and installed from the local
directory. I noticed that at this point even when I selected Install
at the top to get a full install from the local directory, it still
left out the extra packages, and I have to change these by hand from
skip to the version number.

When it was all installed, I tried running ssh and got the error
message: error while loading shared libraries: cygssp-0.dll: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory.

I suspect what has happened is that cygwin has got confused about what
packages I already have. Since I?already?have a full local cygwin
installation, it is possibly skipping the needed libraries since it
thinks I have them?already. Well, I do, but they are not in the local
directory that I am going to deploy to my remote pc.

Does anyone know how to do a minimal installation (ie sub 60mb) that works?

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