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Re: <Ctrl-D> often does not successfully exit rxvt and close it down

On 2010-03-31 04:50, Fergus wrote:
 >> <Ctrl-D> fails to close down an rxvt terminal window
 >> and I am left with the terminal window showing
 >> $ exit
 >> and not shutting down.

 > The incidence of failures is today about 80%.
 > Anybody else?

1 Now indistinguishably close to 100% but not actually guaranteed.
2 Still unable to identify any pattern or common items in the task
history in any session where <Ctrl-D> fails to exit.
3 X-ing the rxvt terminal window does not close it: I have to use "End
Task" in Windows Task Manager.
4 Re-installing rxvt made no difference.
5 Reverting to [prev] made no difference.
Uncertain whether a recent rebaseall might have triggered the problem
(the only high-level platform-related task I have recently undertaken) I
took the last possible option:
6 Wiping and then re-installing Cygwin entire made no difference.
7 The problem does NOT occur on 1.5.
8 The problem does not occur when exiting a bash terminal: only rxvt.

I am using XP Pro SP3 on FAT32. Attached: cygcheck -srv.

Any insights/ suggestions/ similar experiences welcome.

Thank you.


I had a similar problem when I upgraded to 1.7. I never found a solution and ended up switching to mintty instead of rxvt.

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