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tcp_wrappers sshd hosts.allow problem

Hi Chuck

The new tcp_wrappers-7.6-20 comes with a wrong
/etc/defaults/etc/hosts.allow file

--- hosts.allow~        2009-03-29 08:28:51.000000000 +0200
+++ hosts.allow 2010-04-02 13:15:11.312500000 +0200
@@ -9,6 +9,6 @@
 #              port for the services you enable below.
 ALL : localhost [::1]/128 : allow
-ALL : PARANOID : deny
 sshd: ALL
+ALL : PARANOID : deny

sshd : ALL behind ALL PARANOID : deny is ignored, It must be before.

$ /usr/sbin/sshd -d
debug1: sshd version OpenSSH_5.4p1
debug1: read PEM private key done: type RSA
debug1: private host key: #0 type 1 RSA
debug1: read PEM private key done: type DSA
debug1: private host key: #1 type 2 DSA
debug1: rexec_argv[0]='/usr/sbin/sshd'
debug1: rexec_argv[1]='-d'
debug1: Bind to port 22 on
Server listening on port 22.

now try to connect...

debug1: fd 4 clearing O_NONBLOCK
debug1: Server will not fork when running in debugging mode.
debug1: rexec start in 4 out 4 newsock 4 pipe -1 sock 7
debug1: inetd sockets after dupping: 3, 3
debug1: Connection refused by tcp wrapper

Reini Urban 

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