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Suggestion: relative path for cygstart

Older versions of cygstart did not replace the file names with absolute windows paths. This was better since the ShellExecute function will search the path for a command. And, if it doesn't find it in the path, it will look in the registry. So you can 'cygstart calc', 'cygstart winword', 'cygstart services.msc', etc.

This can be accomplished by changing
the two places it appears.

Interestingly, ShellExecute also accepts certain non-filename strings for "shell namespace objects".

For example:

Drives (My computer)

Control Panel

You can try these out with the Run command on the Windows start menu or the CMD.EXE START command.

This last one doesn't work in cygstart even after the CCP_RELATIVE change is made. This is not because of any bug in cygstart, though, so I'll save it for another email.

Ken Hirsch

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