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Please support CP932. (I have problem using subversion with SJIS)

Hi all,

Please support CP932.  Because CP932 is not equal to SJIS, I have
problem using subversion when LANG=ja_JP.SJIS .  With the attached
patch and LANG=ja_JP.CP932, I can use subversion as expected.

The problem is as follows:

I have the following line in my ~/.subversion/config:
	global-ignores = *~
When LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8, subversion ignores a file 'foo~'.
But when LANG=ja_JP.SJIS, it doesn't.

I looked into subverson, then I found a workaround.
I added *[U+203E] to the line:
	global-ignores = *~ *[U+203E]
([U+203E] is one character) and saved it in UTF-8.  This works fine.

In short, '~' (U+007E TILDE) turns into U+203E (OVERLINE) when

Then I looked into cygwin and subversion again.
(1) cygwin1.dll converts L"foo~" (UCS-2) to "foo~" (CP932).
(2) Because subversion's internally uses UTF-8,
    "foo~" (CP932) should be converted to "foo~" (UTF-8).
(3) It uses iconv to convert from *SJIS* to UTF-8,
    because nl_langinfo(CODESET) returns "SJIS" when LANG=ja_JP.SJIS.
(4) The final string is "foo\xe2\x80\xbe".
    (e2 80 be is UTF-8 representation of U+203E)

With my patch I can use LANG=ja_JP.CP932, nl_langinfo(CODESET) returns
"CP932".  So the final string is "foo~".


$ echo -n foo~ | iconv -f CP932 -t UTF-8 | od -t x1 -t a
0000000    66  6f  6f  7e
           f   o   o   ~
$ echo -n foo~ | iconv -f SJIS -t UTF-8 | od -t x1 -t a
0000000    66  6f  6f  e2  80  be
           f   o   o   ?  80   ?

TAGA Nayuta <>

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