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Re: BSOD after major release

On 12/31/2009 12:25 PM, Dave Korn wrote:
Sergey Ivanov wrote:
After installing new major release of cygwin i obtained bsod
Bad_pool_Header on the stage post-installing. As usual i installed
everything (full installation).
Is it possible to check which package wrong?

P.S. I've tried to delete everything before installing exclude home
directory - still not work

There are only two possible packages in Cygwin that could be responsible for a BSoD: ioperm and libusb-win32, as they install device drivers (*.sys files), which are the only things that could cause a BSoD aside from some bug in the OS kernel itself.

   If you don't have either of those installed, then it's some unrelated thing
on your system as Larry suggests.  If you do, and you're not using them, just
uninstall them.

   It's conceivable you might get more BSoD trouble when you try that; if so,
the best bet is to boot into safe mode, and delete either/both of "ioperm.sys"
and/or "libusb0.sys" from your C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers directory; then
reboot in normal mode and use setup.exe to uninstall any remaining leftovers.

I could be wrong but I don't believe this is necessary unless the OP has actually manually configured each of these to be enabled after they are installed with 'setup.exe'. Although both have a "preremove" script to remove the enabled drivers on uninstall via 'setup.exe', neither has a postinstall script which would introduce the drivers to Windows. So AFAICT, Windows doesn't know about these drivers unless the user manually tells WIndows about them after they are installed with 'setup.exe'. If the OP didn't do that, then there's no need to undo it. Of course, if the OP doesn't care about using these packages, there's no harm in uninstalling them via 'setup.exe'. If the OP did actually run '/usr/sbin/libusb-install' and/or 'ioperm -i', then uninstalling them, as you suggest, is a worthwhile exercise in tracking this issue.

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