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Re: 1.7.1: Mintty/bash window start: -bash: regtool: command not found


I too have seen this behaviour on both my work and home systems. Whats interesting is I ran cygcheck -c on each when exhibiting this problem and it said OK for the cygwin package.

Is there a check that needs to be added to cygcheck which reports this as a problem? Or perhaps this is not the type of problem cygcheck is designed to detect?


On 12/28/2009 12:07 PM, Warren Young wrote:
On 12/23/2009 3:15 AM, Andy Koppe wrote:

I can reproduce this as follows:

- Leave a Cygwin session open.
- Run setup.exe
- Select reinstall for cygwin-1.7.1-1.
- Click next
- "in-use files detected" appears
- Click retry.

I saw the same symptom, but by a slightly different path.

On updating from to 1.7.1 this morning, I ran into the files-in-use case because sometime last week, Xwin.exe died horribly and left a UI-less process running in the background. When setup.exe complained, I investigated with Task Manager, found Xwin.exe still hanging around, killed it, and told setup.exe to move along. It completed without complaint, but I still didn't end up with a regtool.

I didn't check for ps or mount, just retried setup with a forced Cygwin package reinstall, and that worked.

Point being, it isn't necessary to lie to setup.exe, telling it it's okay to try again. It *was* okay in my case, and it still did the wrong thing.

It can be fixed by reinstalling the cygwin package again, this time
without any Cygwin processes running.


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