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Re: /var/lib/alternatives/gcc missing for alternatives 1.3.30c

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:
> On 12/30/2009 08:07 AM, Neil.Mowbray@calgacus wrote:
>> Can someone please provide a valid /var/lib/alternatives/gcc file or link
>>  me to either it's syntax or the programs source?
> This is created when alternatives runs for gcc.  If you're missing it, it
> suggests to me that alternatives wasn't run.  Check
> '/etc/postinstall/*" and "/etc/postinstall/*".  If there is
> no "done" suffix, these didn't run, which is why you don't have the
> alternatives files you're looking for. If there is a "done" suffix, these
> did run but apparently didn't do so successfully.  Try running them again
> by hand and see what errors, if any, pop up.

  Also, apologies: there was a packaging hiccup in the latest version, and the
execute permissions got lost.  If you try to just run set-gcc-default-[34].sh
at the shell, you'll get a "Permission denied" error; you can either chmod a+x
them, or use the ". <name>" (aka bash "source" builtin) syntax to invoke them.


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