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Re: Problem with wildcard from Windows

On 12/30/2009 11:36 AM, Bengt Larsson wrote:
I seem to have a problem with wildcards from the Windows command line
when there are high-bit characters in a filename.

A directory contains only the two files "user" and "anvÃndare"
("anvÃndare" being user in Swedish):

   C:\Documents and Settings\Bengt2\Desktop\test\ttt>ls -l
   total 0
   -rw-r--r-- 1 Bengt2 Users 0 2009-12-30 02:23 anvÃndare
   -rw-r--r-- 1 Bengt2 Users 0 2009-12-30 02:23 user

   C:\Documents and Settings\Bengt2\Desktop\test\ttt>ls u*

   C:\Documents and Settings\Bengt2\Desktop\test\ttt>ls a*
   ls: cannot access a*: No such file or directory

   C:\Documents and Settings\Bengt2\Desktop\test\ttt>ls *
   ls: cannot access *: No such file or directory

It works in bash and dash:

   C:\Documents and Settings\Bengt2\Desktop\test\ttt>bash
   /users/Bengt2/Desktop/test/ttt: ls u*
   /users/Bengt2/Desktop/test/ttt: ls a*
   /users/Bengt2/Desktop/test/ttt: ls *
   anvÃndare  user

I have LANG and CYGWIN set, but not having them set doesn't change the

Try "noglob" if your shell is not Cygwin-aware.

Larry Hall                    
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Holliston, MA 01746


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