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Re: setup 1.7.1 hangs on

Brian Wilson wrote:

> Basically boot in "Safe Mode with Networking" and run setup then select 
> reinstall on all the base files.  For me this got me to the point where I 
> could get basic Cygwin working again and I could get a command shell
> running (sometimes).  While this didn't eliminate the heap space error, I
> was able to manage it's impact for the time being.

  If this works, of course, it pretty much proves that there is something
installed on your system that is interfering.  (It would be possible to
extract the list of services from the registry and compare which ones are
started in safe mode against which are started normally and get a list of
suspects, although I don't know off the top of my head of any utility that
does this in a straightforward and direct fashion.)  Security software is
always the most likely culprit, and sometimes just disabling it isn't enough;
sometimes you actually have to uninstall it to stop it interfering.

> You might also want to run the "cygcheck -s -v -r > cygcheck.out" command
> from the C:/cygwin/bin is a DOS or shell window and attach the cygcheck.out
> file to your email.  It can help with the diagnosis.

  Yes, please do; it might provide a vital clue.


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