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RE: "mount -a" has no effect on the cygdrive prefix

> Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 12:10:47 +0100
> From: corinna-cygwin
> Subject: Re: "mount -a" has no effect on the cygdrive prefix
> On Dec 23 08:32, Karl M wrote:
>> Hi All...
>> With the last 1.7.0 version and with a clean 1.7.1 install on an XP Pro SP3 machine,
>> if I edit my fstab to change my cygdrive prefix and then do a "mount -a", my mounts
>> as shown by the mount command or catting mtab are not updated. I only tried it with
>> the cygdrive prefix, not with other mounts.
> The cygdrive prefix is explicitely ignored when calling mount -a.
> The problem is, I'm not sure anymore *why* I did it that way.
> I added it to my TODO list, at least to figure out the reason...
> Thanks,
> Corinna
Hi Corinna...
Did you figure out the reason?
It seems to me that one could change mount points in a disruptive way as easily as one
could change the cygdrive prefix. Both would then have a "don't do that to a running system"
requirement...restarting Cygwin would be required for either a disruptive prefix change
or disruptive mount change.
When you look at it, could you remove the inconsistant posix=0 from mount and mount -m
output for the prefix where posix=0 is the default.
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