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Re: git stopped working with 1.7.1

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 07:55, Kevin Layer <> wrote:
> ?layer@hobart128 /c/tmp
> ?$ git clone git:/repo/git/acl acl.test
> ?Initialized empty Git repository in /c/tmp/acl.test/.git/
> ?remote: Counting objects: 9205, done.
> ?remote: Compressing objects: 100% (3300/3300), done.
> ?fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
> ?fatal: early EOFs: ?62% (5708/9205)
> ?fatal: index-pack failed

I'm no git expert, but that looks to me like the remote side (where
the repository is stored) is experiencing the error while it's
preparing data for transfer, and your local git is simply reporting
the remote error. It also looks like the remote side is actually the
same machine but you're using the git:// protocol to access it without
specifying a remote server. I've never tried this and would have
expected instead to see something like:

$ git clone git://localhost/repo/git/acl acl.test
$ git clone <some-path>/repo/git/acl acl.test

I.e. there's something about your command that *I* don't understand.
It's probably perfectly fine though, and the problem is with me.

Are you intending to clone a repository on the same machine but via
the git:// protocol? What if you just do this instead:

$ git clone <some-path>/repo/git/acl acl.test

Do you get the same error?

Since it looks like the remote is on the same machine as your shell,
do you have write access to the actual repository? If so, you could
run git-fsck on the repository to make sure it's intact.

What about other repositories, do they behave the same way, or is your
problem restricted to this one?

-- David.

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