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Re: Fwd: No go after update to 1.7.1

On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 6:05 PM, Dave Korn wrote:
> ?We have a suspect:
>> "11:09:08,3362588","bash.exe","3396","CreateFileMapping","C:\Programme\BitDefender\BitDefender 2010\Active Virus Control\midas32-v2_58\PLUGIN_NT.M32","SUCCESS","SyncType: SyncTypeOther"
> ?That's listed on BLODA. ?You may be able to work around by following the
> rebase advice discussed in these threads:
> "BitDefender again"
> ?
> ?
> "Confusion re: use of rebaseall vs. rebase to relieve BitDefender woes"
> ?
> (I left a question unanswered in one of those threads about what the effects
> of relocating the cygwin1 dll to a low base address could be; the brief answer
> would be "largely theoretical, unless you're the type who does massive number
> crunching with huge arrays in fortran, or similar".)

Dave, thanks a lot! I followed the advice to rebase the cygwin1.dll
and now I get a bash shell prompt. So indeed the combination of cygwin
and BitDefender 2010 is the root cause of the problem.

Now how to go on to get the cygwin installation fixed? As Larry
pointed out - because bash could not be run during the setup process
the postinstall scripts couldn't be run.
Shall I just reinstall all packages but the core cygwin package?

Also, it is not entirely clear to me if cygwin or BitDefender is to
blame for the problem. Is there work going on to address this issue
from the cygwin side? Should I contact BitDefender about the problem?
I would regret it if cygwin can't be installed by Joe User on a system
that has BitDefender 2010 installed as well.

Best regards,

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