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Re: "update-desktop-database" seems to not work anymore.

Claude Sylvain wrote:

- Just to report that "update-desktop-database" seems to not work
  correctly on Cygwin 1.7.1.

update-desktop-database.exe seems to be affected by a bug in Cygwin's libtool.

Libtool: Generated manifests need execute permission

When compiling update-desktop-database.exe, libtool first creates a wrapper executable with the same name, for internal purposes. To defeat UAC, it also creates a manifest file. Unfortunately, it fails to set the execute bit, so the wrapper is non-functional. As a result, the libtool wrapper ends up being installed and packaged, instead of the real program.

For a detailed description and test case, see the post referenced above.

    - This problem make installation to fail when doing "make install"
      on some projects; like "geda-gaf" project.

Coincidentally, it was the very project that lead me to investigate the issue.

    - The workaround I used to get rid of that problem is to replace the
      call to "update-desktop-database" by something like "ls" in the
      "Makefile" created by the autotools.

Just use ./configure --disable-update-xdg-database


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