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Re: Fwd: No go after update to 1.7.1

[  Cc'ing the list back in now, FTR.  ]

Bernd Bartmann wrote:
>> Looks like your post didn't make it through to the list; there's nothing in
>> the archive for your message with ID
>> <>.  Probably
>> something somewhere down the line thought a .csv attachment was suspicious,
>> malicious, spammy-looking or overly-large, so I'm writing off-list to ask for
>> a copy.  Can't promise it'll show anything, but I'll take a look.
>  Thanks Dave for pointing this out. Below you'll find my original
> post. Hopefully the attachments will arrive as well.

  We have a suspect:

> "11:09:08,3362588","bash.exe","3396","CreateFileMapping","C:\Programme\BitDefender\BitDefender 2010\Active Virus Control\midas32-v2_58\PLUGIN_NT.M32","SUCCESS","SyncType: SyncTypeOther"

  That's listed on BLODA.  You may be able to work around by following the
rebase advice discussed in these threads:

"BitDefender again"

"Confusion re: use of rebaseall vs. rebase to relieve BitDefender woes"

(I left a question unanswered in one of those threads about what the effects
of relocating the cygwin1 dll to a low base address could be; the brief answer
would be "largely theoretical, unless you're the type who does massive number
crunching with huge arrays in fortran, or similar".)


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