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cygwin 1.7/emacs 23.1 time bug/workaround status?

summary: A cygwin-1.7/emacs-23.1 time bug and its workaround is known,
but is it being tracked?


Tom Roche Sun, 27 Dec 2009 21:51:58 -0500 (EST)
>> After updating cygwin [from 1.5.x] to 1.7.1-1, 

Which has been otherwise delightful!

>> which updated my emacs to 23.1, I now see

>> (current-time-string)
>> "Mon Dec 28 01:21:44 2009"
>> (current-time-zone)
>> (-3600 "GMT")

>> when bash says

>> $ date
>> Sun Dec 27 21:21:44 EST 2009

Eli Zaretskii Mon, 28 Dec 2009 06:09:32 +0200
> Try asking on the Cygwin list first.

Or first try googling better :-( This bug was noted 10 months ago:
>>> I've built emacs 23 under both cygwin 1.5 and 1.7, and it runs
>>> fine for me except for a glitch involving time zones: Emacs gets
>>> the local time zone wrong by 4 hours. I've reported this to the
>>> emacs-devel list [1], and the developer who responded asked me to
>>> try to get some advice on this list. Here are two facts that might
>>> provide clues:

>>> 1. The problem disappears if I set the environment variable TZ
>>> before starting emacs.


* in winxp System>Advanced>Environment Variables>System variables
  set TZ=


  This worked for me.

* in cygwin bash, `export TZ=America/New_York` (I haven't tested)

>>> 2. The problem disappears if I run emacs under gdb. [This, of
>>> course, makes debugging difficult.]

>>> I would appreciate any advice or hints as to how I (and the emacs
>>> developers) might track this down. Also, the developers would find
>>> it useful to have a description of how cygwin handles Windows time
>>> zones.

Is this bug currently being tracked by anyone? On the cygwin side, I
don't know where there is a queryable bug tracker. On the emacs side,
I don't see it in;package=emacs

(which I believe is the Gnu Emacs bug tracker).

TIA, Tom Roche <>

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