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Re: run2.exe segfaults when GDI and X11 elements are present

On 12/28/2009 10:31 AM, Charles Wilson wrote:
The first problem is that test1.xml as posted isn't valid XML -- and the
parser (properly) reports:

run2.exe FATAL: /c/Users/cwilson/test1.xml validation generated an
internal error

but no coredump. Oddly, syntax errors in the attributes of the root
element do not seem to generate meaningful diagnostic messages -- unlike
similar errors elsewhere in the document. This is an libxml2 problem,
and not the "fault" of run2.

OTOH, run2 /should/, however, exit with status 1 rather than status 0 in
this situation. That's a bug -- fixed in r25.

So, first off you need to remove the ';' from the end of the third line of test1.xml.

Sorry. I don't know how I got that ';' into my email. It's not in the test1.xml that I'm working with, so I must have made a copy/paste error.

NOW I see the coredump -- which is occurring inside the xml parsing
subroutines. I *HOPE* this is an entirely different bug than the one
that started this thread.
Again, does /test.xml/ still coredump for you, or is THAT one fixed:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="us-ascii"?>
     <Target filename="/usr/bin/mintty.exe" startin="~">
       <Arg>-e /bin/bash</Arg>
     <Target filename="/usr/bin/xterm.exe" startin="~">

Sorry for the confusion. I've just tried the xml file above with both r24 and r25, and I get a segfault unless DISPLAY is set in the environment. I hadn't noticed previously that this was still broken because I had fixed my own test.xml file by adding the SelfOption you suggested.


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