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Re: 1.7.1-1 Install freeze of Cygwin post

I've always installed to the default locations, and I removed everything from 
the default C:\cygwin\ folder so I would have a clean install.  I also cleaned 
the registry of everything I could find and used a registry cleaner tool 
(Advanced System Care One) to try and get everything I couldn't find.

Sorry for the minimal information.  I have no idea of what is significant and 
what is not.  I've attached the cygcheck.out file as you suggested.  I ran the 
command directly from the c:\cygwin\bin\ directory.  I looked over the file 
for anything obvious and didn't see much.

I did notice that the system says I have ZoneAlarm as a personal fire wall; 
but I don't and never have used ZoneAlarm.  I have used McAfee products and 
currently use their Security Center.

There is a warning about multiple cygwin1.dlls in my path.  I've run a windows 
search (including system and hidden folders) against the whole C:\ drive and 
found C:\cygwin\bin\cygwin1.dll was the only result returned.

I also did a search from C:\ (including hidden and system folders) looking for 
"cygwin"  There were some files in C:\Tools\Installed with names like 
"" and I found a folder, 
cygwin, that contains the file cygwin-1.7.1-1.tar.bz2.  I assume this is a 
temporary location used while an installation is in progress.

Please let me know if you see something more that I'm missing.  I don't see 
anything that would explain the "*** fatal error - couldn't 
> >allocate heap," error, or the other errors, from the log file.


Brian S. Wilson
Home: (678) 376-9258       Cell: (678) 232-9357
> Just as a wild guess, given the minimal information above, and given 
> the handful of other problems reported with this - you may have two versions
> of Cygwin installed on your system.  One would be installed in a
> standard location and another could be in windows\system32 or in a
> third-party location like cwrsync or in some other cygwin repackager.
> See: .  Run the cygcheck command
> suggested there and inspect the output for clues.  Also look in your
> windows directory and along your PATH for other copies of cygwin1.dll
> and any other Cygwin DLLs.
> cgf
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