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Re: C / C# combination question

On Dec 26 18:30, Jan Alphenaar wrote:
> Hi again,
> After some more extensive debugging I was able to find out what goes wrong
> with an environment variable if a Cygwin C program is called from a C#
> program.
> If an environment variable is in uppercase (like in my code) the getenv call
> in the C program will not be able to find it.
> On the other hand, if the environment variable is in lower case in both
> programs, the getenv call is able to find it. So, there must be some kind of
> upper to lowercase translation on the way.

There's no uppercase/lowercase conversion going on by default if you run
Cygwin 1.7.  Under 1.5, when you started a Cygwin process from a
non-Cygwin process, the environment was completely uppercased.  Under
1.7 this only occures for a handful of variables (like PATH or
HOMEDRIVE) and the rest of the environment is left alone.  Unless you
have set CYGWIN=upcaseenv, see

There never was and still not is a conversion of the environment to
lowercase anywhere in Cygwin.


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