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Re: No go after update to 1.7.1

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 02:44:40PM +0100, Bernd Bartmann wrote:
>> That may be the symptom of two different versions of the DLL existing on
>> your system.
>> See: for more information on how to track
>> down Cygwin problems.
>Ok, one step closer but still no go. There was indeed a second version
>of the cygwin dll in the default search path (from WinAVR - a GCC
>cross compiler for ATMEL AVR microcontrollers). I renamed the
>directory to that this instance of the DLL cannot be found anymore.
>After cleaning out all the installed cygwin stuff I run cygcheck -c -s
>-r -v (see cygcheck.out.before-install). Then I reinstalled cygwin
>again, but the problems persist (see cygcheck.out.after-install). As
>cygwin was not set to be in the default search path I added
>C:\cygwin\bin to PATH (see cygcheck.out.after-install3). But again
>still no go. If I start cygwin.bat I just end up in C:\cygwin\bin, but
>no bash is started.
>Any more idaeas?

What happens if you just

cd c:\cygwin\bin

In a command shell?


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