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Re: Revamp project page?

On Sat, Dec 26, 2009 at 02:35:04AM -0800, Kristopher Ives wrote:
>I've been a long time user of Cygwin, but I've yet to give back to the
>project. I was talking to some folks on #cygwin about revamping the
> project page. In my opinion, the page doesn't
>reflect the great efforts in other areas of the project.. I'm not
>really looking to do anything radical here, just refresh the site a
>little so that users don't get put off by it's aged appeal.
>Here is a quick mock-up I did with a little color and some content
>taken from the front page. All the work I'll be doing is just
>HTML/CSS, so I shouldn't need access to the server.
>Feedback is appreciated. Who would I want to get in contact with to
>set this in motion if indeed it will occur?

Thanks for the offer but I don't like the color scheme or the
newly-invented logo.  There also isn't enough to go on in this page to
really decide if it's worth changing especially since I can't look at
the html and so, don't know how hard it would be to maintain -
especially since that look and feel would have to be propagated to all
the other cygwin pages.


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