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Re: run2.exe segfaults when GDI and X11 elements are present

Ken Brown wrote:

> Thanks.  It builds with that patch and the old segfault is gone.  Still
> playing around with mintty, I found that I get a segfault if I try to
> run mintty with the option '-' (so that mintty will invoke the user's
> default shell as a login shell).
> $ run2 --debug test1.xml
> setting debug level to (null)
> run2.exe DEBUG: xmlfile     : 'test1.xml'
> run2.exe DEBUG: opt_loglevel: 7
> run2.exe DEBUG: opt_nogui   : 0
> run2.exe DEBUG: opt_notty   : 0
> run2.exe DEBUG: opt_timeout :  0.50
> run2.exe DEBUG: opt_wait    : 0
> run2.exe DEBUG: opt_force   : auto
> Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Yes, I'm seeing strange segfaults in various situations now, too.
There's stack corruption going on, but I haven't yet figured out why/how.

Later tonight I'll commit my current working directory, which cleans up
a few things -- but I still haven't found the root cause of these new segvs.


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