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Re: Revamp project page?

> I've been a long time user of Cygwin, but I've yet to give back to the
> project. I was talking to some folks on #cygwin about revamping the
> project page. In my opinion, the page doesn't
> reflect the great efforts in other areas of the project.. I'm not
> really looking to do anything radical here, just refresh the site a
> little so that users don't get put off by it's aged appeal.

I've just been thinking the same thing about the gold star page... it's full of
nasty <font> tags and only shows information about the latest gold star.  It's
also hard to maintain because of the way it's laid out, but that's sort of a
separate issue. 

> Here is a quick mock-up I did with a little color and some content
> taken from the front page.

Layout looks good.  I'm not crazy about the colors but am color-challenged to
can't offer anything better.  I think the Cygwin logo should stay lying down.

Thanks for your efforts.

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