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Re: Questions about gnu debug

I almost took this to talk list except for one comment that
re-iterates the need for something like cygwin with windoze,

On 12/24/09, Marc Girod <> wrote:
> Eliot Moss wrote:
>> And this may add a little to your understanding:
> Few of which pertains to cygwin...
> Eliot Moss wrote:
>> Hope these distinctions help
> They are matters of taste, and of experience.
> I have an other taste and an other experience.
> Hard to compare, I know.
> Eliot Moss wrote:
>> emacs is an *editor* [...] but it would
>> probably still feel somewhat primitive compared
>> to advanced GUI interfaces.
> Ahum.
> Emacs is an environment which builds upon the generic concept of text
> buffer.
> This is a very powerful concept, because it allows for rich tool support,
> and for in-depth and relatively light-weight user configuration. By
> comparison, windows offer little support and a high threshold for users to
> produce useful tools.
> Humans painted on cave walls 30000 years ago. Then they invented language.

I wouldn't underestimate the importance of this observation. The
existence of a tractable alphabet has been a big plus for
communicating information, especially information suited to a

> GUIs have so far proven a temporary re-play of history for people who didn't
> record it.

Well, they do have their uses but tend to be expensive and confining.
I'd like to see a GEICO ad with Bill Gates, and maybe those guys from
Digital Research

There is a learning curve for vi but now I find myself in screen editors
thinking "where are those funny commands?"

> Marc
> --

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