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Re: A question about setup.exe

Does anyone know where the MTIMES of the installed packages are stored. I need to over-ride them all in order to re-install the packages. I could NOT find the http/ftp directory containing the files installed.

So I went through to check "reinstall" on every package (whew) and downloaded the complete installation into a local directory. Fine.

I just need to slightly adjust the MTIME to setup to reinstall the packages. When I did a full-restore, the software used the current time as it's MTIME which has no meaning anymore. If I can't get these issues resolved, I'll have to to a full install of 1.7 AND add back/test all of my local stuff.

Basically what I have:
A full installation of 1.7.0-65 with current time as MTIME.
A full installation of Cygwin 1.7 download into local directory.
No way to make #1 & #2 to meet!!

Andy Koppe wrote:
2009/12/24 Paul McFerrin:
I did the upgrade to 1.7.1-1 without any problems.  During the remainder of
the day, I accidentally blew away my installation of 1.7.1-1.  I restored my
installation from a backup several days old (1.7.0-65).  Now I'm trying to
upgrade again.

Now the questions I have are:
When I run setup again, it downloads/installes everything in under a minute
instead of the hour previously.

It wouldn't need to download the packages again, because they should still be stored in setup.exe's local package directory. So it only needs to do the install.

How can I "force" all of my installed
packages obsolete to force a reload?

If the backup and restore went correctly, you shouldn't need to, because the install state of all packages is stored in the cygwin directory, in /etc/setup. You can see which packages are going to be upgraded by switching to the "Partial" view on setup.exe's package selection screen.


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