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setup RFE: auto stop/restart of system-level cygrunsrv service et al.

Since it's not a user-level program that a user can easily just close a
window on (and would have to bring up services to start/stop), would it be
too much trouble to stop & restart cygrunsrv if it is the only program
creating a file-busy condition (such as on replacying cygwin1.dll)?

IMHO, some programs are 'system-level' (in a cygwin context) processes,
and should be automatically stopped/restarted by cygwin if they are
responsible for not being able to update a locked file. I don't know if
thre are any other examples. I wouldn't consider a user shell, like
'bash' to be in the same class -- the user should be able to easily quit
all visible user level processes. But 'system' level processes that auto
start as services on start are generally invisible to the user and its
those that I would like to see setup auto restart. Maybe not setup
specifically -- but maybe the script that updates cygwin1.dll -- it could
check for a list of system-level processes that would be subject to auto

Optionally -- like on windows, there could be an option to have setup
automatically 'terminate' any processes that are keeping the file busy --
with a warning that unsaved work may be lost.  But that would be a
convenience on par with win7's automation.  The system service stop &
restart isn't something that users would be expected to do... on windows
or on linux -- so I think cygwin should strive for the same behavior.
Doable?  Good idea?  And please don't ask me to write the code, as I've
never gotten anything to build and would be hard pressed to get it done
at all, let alone in some reasonable time.  ... Unless someone wants to
'hand hold' my setting up my computer to be able to build and create the
packages needed for such a fix (my computer always seemed to be missing
required bits and pieces...).  I could setup the build tree on linux or
my winbox.  Both are about the same power/speed these days, though both
are running 64-bit.    Maybe setup could become a 64-bit/32-bit dual

Truly, I know resources are tight, but I'm going to bet that most Win7
users will be using 64-bit before another verion of windows comes out.
Memory is fairly inexpensive now -- at around ~$133/4GB(1x4GB). That
be about $60-$80 in ~18 months, so people will strongly be tempted to get more than 1 of those and 64-bit OS's will become defacto at that
point. Additionally, a large number of computers (if not most) are sold
with maxed out memory for the 32-bit memspace. So users are already
pushing at the 32-bit limits. It won't take long for them to want to want

Anyway -- starting/stopping Cygwin services?  (maybe sshd as well or any
other chkconfig/rc controlled services?)...


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