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Re: Questions about gnu debug

And this may add a little to your understanding:

gdb is a reasonable debugging tool, but is
*command line* oriented. By itself, it provides
no GUI interface. If you compile with -g then
the available symbols let you talk about
(non-local) variables, code locations, etc.

emacs is an *editor* that can provide a somewhat
GUI-like interface to gdb, by interpreting line
numbers coming from gdb and positioning an editor
cursor on the indicated line (good for stepping,
etc.). And so forth. That is, emacs and gdb
can play together reasonably well, but it would
probably still feel somewhat primitive compared
to advanced GUI interfaces.

Eclipse can provide a good GUI interface,
perhaps not quite as well integrated for C/C++
as for Java, but I understand it is pretty
good. As stated before, it might be a little
finicky to set up. Again, I believe it is
calling gdb underneath.

Hope these distinctions help. Eliot Moss

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