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Re: How to install Legacy from scratch?

On Thu, Dec 24, 2009 at 07:18:19AM +0000, Fergus wrote:
>Thanks for great new version.
>1.7 uses setup.ini, draws from release/, uses setup.exe v.2.673.
>1.5 uses setup-legacy.ini, draws from release-legacy/, uses setup.exe 
>v.2.673 (i.e. the same version as 1.7).
>My question is: how does a user install 1.5 from scratch (if desired or 
>needed e.g. old faithful W98SE machine)?
>One way is to download setup.exe, setup-legacy.ini and the entire 
>release-legacy/*, change the .ini filename to setup.ini and then run 
>setup.exe as a local install.
>(Actually I haven't tried this yet, will one additionally have to rename 
>the directory release-legacy/ to release/ and change all instances of 
>release-legacy/ where they occur in the .ini file to release/? I guess 
>it depends what setup.exe is expecting and whether the term 
>release-legacy will trip it up.)
>But how to manage a web install?

Uh, huh?

If you want to install 1.5 then run setup-legacy.exe.  There shouldn't
be any mystery here.  And, you certainly don't want to play games with
renaming files because that's not going to work.


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