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Problems with SSHD service partially resolved (Other problem not resolved.)

Okay, I've found and fixed the locations for the Windows Service
entries concerning my new location for Cygwin.

It does indeed confirm that the Cygwin service agent is indeed found
at my new directory.

But the SSHD service doesn't start as expected, it reports the same
issues found back in November, covering the 21 to the 23rd.

In case you are curious Larry, the first thing that I did when this
installation was completed I then ran the scripts for the SSH services
both host and client. And of course the regular service agent for

My other problems are the typically idiotic Windows problems
concerning removing a directory (or a directory of directories). The
system refuses to believe that I have the rights to remove that
Gregg C Levine
"This signature was once found posting rude messages in English in the
Moscow subway."

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