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Re: Upgrade from 1.5.25 to 1.7.1 fails.

>OK, you're getting nowhere fast.  I don't see the file sizes being created as
>anything but 0.  So here are a few questions:
>  1. Can you create a file in any of these directories yourself?
>  2. Is this a local or network drive?
  Local -- FAT32
>  3. Does it work better if you create a new, local directory to download into?
  No -- my package directory is G:/cygwin/installs/packages.
      I mv'd that to G:/cygwin/installs/packages.sav
      and make G:/cygwin/installs/packages again.
      But Setup failed again in the same way.
      I (or any local user) can write that drive
      and it's subdirectories just fine...
>  4. What if you used http instead of ftp?
      No difference -- same problem.
>Larry Hall                    
>RFK Partners, Inc.                      (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office
>216 Dalton Rd.                          (508) 893-9889 - FAX
>Holliston, MA 01746

This is with Windows XP SP3.  Cygwin's root is C:/cygwin.
Drive C: is NTFS and G: is FAT32.



Harry G. McGavran, Jr.


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