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Re: 1.7.1: Mintty/bash window start: -bash: regtool: command not found

2009/12/23 Lee D. Rothstein:
> Just installed 1.7.1. ÂBravo, again.
> Everything seems to be working okay, but every time I start up a Mintty/Bash
> window I get the following
> error message.
> -bash: regtool: command not found
> Shortcut is:
> C:\_0\bin\mintty.exe --icon=c:\_0\cygicons-hippo-vista-0.dll,10 -
> 'regtool' does not appear in my profile nor my bashrc.
> Huh?

There's a regtool call in /etc/profile:

PRINTER="`regtool -q get '\user\Software\Microsoft\Windows
NT\CurrentVersion\Window\Device' | sed 's/,.*$//'`"

I can reproduce this as follows:

- Leave a Cygwin session open.
- Run setup.exe
- Select reinstall for cygwin-1.7.1-1.
- Click next
- "in-use files detected" appears
- Click retry.

Strangely, 'retry' is accepted even without closing all Cygwin
processes. But it doesn't seem to make a difference to the outcome
anyway: regtool and also mount and ps aren't installed.

It can be fixed by reinstalling the cygwin package again, this time
without any Cygwin processes running.


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