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Re: libiconv and iconv() prototype

Eric Blake wrote:
> The newlib header for iconv.h was recently fixed to comply with the POSIX 
> prototype, but cygwin is still stuck with a bogus const on the second argument 
> of iconv().  It's kind of a catch-22 - libiconv configures itself to preserve 
> the system's prototype, but on cygwin, the system's prototype comes from 
> libiconv, because we do not use newlib's implementation.  So it takes an 
> explicit action while building from source in order to properly get a libiconv 
> installation to use the correct signature; I think it should be possible with:
>  ./configure am_cv_proto_iconv_arg1=
> Any chance we can get a new libiconv-1.13-11 build with the updated signature? changing the prototype, doesn't that change the ABI?

-_EXFUN(iconv, (iconv_t, _CONST char **, size_t *, char **, size_t *));
+_EXFUN(iconv, (iconv_t, char **, size_t *, char **, size_t *));

So, are you advocating a new cygiconv-3.dll?  Or am I wrong, and this
change does NOT affect the ABI?

I don't object, if so -- POSIX compliance is a good thing. But I just
want to be sure what I'm jumping into, first.


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