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Control-C in Vista/Win7 killing background processes in rxvt.exe (cygwin 1.7)

Hello. I'm having a problem with cygwin 1.7 not killing background processes via ctrl-c. The program I'm having trouble with specifically is Apache Maven 2.2.1. If I ctrl-c in the middle of a build, I get a prompt but cygwin continues to run. This is a real pain since I use Maven to execute Jetty container and ctrl-c will only kill the main program.

I've seen some threads about changing CYGWIN=tty, neither setting this or having it unset resolves the issue. I've seen an open ended ticket describing how cygwin runs some processes in a psuedoterminal (pty) and the terminal looks like a pipe to the running process an cannot register the event.

I'm getting the issue in Windows 7 but I've always had it in Vista too. At work in Window XP everything works beautifully but I do not know which version of cygwin I am using there.

This appears to be a somewhat widely reported issue as I've found threads describing the problem but I do not see a resolution. Is this a known issue with no plan to fix, is a fix on the way or is there a suitable workaround? I can't live without my cygwin! Thanks for the help and please let me know if I've submitted the e-mail wrong or you need more informaiton. The cygcheck.out is attached.

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