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Re: 1.7.0: question about signal delivery to pthreads

On Mon, Dec 07, 2009 at 04:46:00PM +0100, Karsten Otto wrote:
>Hi everybody!
>I have a question regarding the delivery of signals to pthreads in 
>Cygwin (1.7 beta). As an example, please consider the following 
>situation (see attached file for source code):
>There are two threads, a main thread and another one created by the main 
>The main registers a SIGALRM signal handler (sigaction), creates the 
>other thread (pthread_create), blocks all signals (pthread_sigmask), 
>then waits for a SIGHUP (sigwait) before joining the other thread 
>The other thread unblocks all signals (pthread_sigmask), then schedules 
>an alarm (alarm(1)) and goes to sleep (sleep(5)).
>In this situation, I had expected the other thread to receive the 
>SIGALRM, and to wake up from sleep consequently; at least it did in 
>Linux (2.6.31). However, in Cygwin the signal never arrives, the thread 
>sleeps the full turn.
>It seems the signal gets delivered to the blocked main thread instead, 
>but attempting to check (sigpending) results in a segmentation fault 
>(SEGV) for some reason.
>If I explictly remove the SIGALRM from the block mask, the signal 
>handler gets called and sigpending works, but of course this interrupts 
>sigwait (errno=EINTR), hence this is not a viable workaround for me.
>So, is cygwin behaving correctly here (in a POSIX sense), or is this a 
>bug? Please help me understand.

It is a known bug in Cygwin.  Currently signals are only delivered to the
main thread.  That needs to be fixed.  I'll try to get to this soon.


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