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Re: openSSH Windows server 2003, key mode

Stéphanie Cettou wrote:

> I have a problem, I will connection with key mode in my openSSH
> server. In can connect with my password.

So this way it works.

> I have cop[ied] m[y] public key [to] home/myUser/.ssh/authorized_keys.

Which public key?  You may have several around...

> When I connect with winSCP, I have an error:
>  The server expected closed connection.
>  Authentification error.
> And if connect with cygwin:
> ssh myUser@
> Connection closed by
> I generate the keys in my client pc (xp) with PuTTYgen.

This is the key you refer above?  This is probably the cause of the
problem, are all the different programs you are using as client using
the same pair of keys (public and private)?

Let's try a simple test:

In your client computer, in a terminal under your Cygwin user home
directory run the following

scp -o PubkeyAuthentication=no .ssh/ myUser@
ssh -o PubkeyAuthentication=no myUser@
cat tempKey >> .ssh/authorized_keys
ssh myUser@

Did that work as expected?

I don't know PuTTYgen or what's the deal with .ppk keys; know even less
about winSCP so no comments there.
René Berber

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