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Re: undefined reference to `___real__Znwj'

jojelino wrote:
> thanks for replying. i needed it!
> in fact, there is no need to change whole problematic cygwin source code to 
> fix aliasing problem..
> for me, just getting rid of '-Werror' from resolves the problem.
> it just complains for some lines of warning :)

  Yeah, and just getting rid of the pain by taking morphine will likewise
"resolve" the problem of a tiger having bitten your leg off, with only some
complaints and a dull throbbing.  Right up until you die of blood-loss, of course!

  The warnings are there for a good reason: they identify undefined code that
the compiler is very likely to generate assembly that doesn't do what you were
hoping it would do.  That is why the cygwin makefile deliberately makes these
warnings into fatal errors on purpose: because they are actually quite serious
and could result in a buggy or unreliable DLL.  You would be well advised to
use the patches rather than disabling -Werror.

  (BTW, if you do really want to do that, you can save yourself the trouble of
editing and regenerating the Makefile; removal of -Werror can be specified on
the configure command-line using '--disable-werror'.)


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