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Re: undefined reference to `___real__Znwj'

thanks for replying. i needed it!
in fact, there is no need to change whole problematic cygwin source code to 
fix aliasing problem..
for me, just getting rid of '-Werror' from resolves the problem.
it just complains for some lines of warning :)
"Dave "What part of PCYMTNQREAIYR isn't obvious? ;-)" Korn" 
<> wrote in message">
> jojelino wrote:
>>> make -j 10 because of speed gain.
>> and it complains.. which i reported it.
>> so i got
>>> cd i686-pc-cygwin/winsup
>> and >make  again.
>> and it complains when it comes to cygserver.exe
>> this could be answer for your question?????
>  I was just curious how you got as far as building cygserver.exe without
> running into earlier problems compiling the cygwin1.dll; it doesn't build
> using 4.5.0 without a lot of patching.
>  Anyway, thanks for the bug report; you reminded me that I stumbled across
> this bug earlier in the summer but put it to one side because 4.5.0 was 
> still
> a long way from release.  Time to fix it, particularly now that the 
> libstdc++
> changes have gone in.
>  The problem is a bug in the linker, so you'll need to check out binutils
> from cvs and apply the attached
> weaksyms-vs-undefs-order-of-ref-fix-take-2.diff patch.  You'll also need 
> the
> other attached patch for the winsup/cygwin repository before it will all
> compile correctly with 4.5.0; there are a number of aliasing problems to 
> which
> 4.5.0 is more sensitive than earlier GCCs.
>  (I'll be feeding these patches back upstream in due course, once I've 
> given
> them all some further testing, but they build an apparently fully working
> 4.5.0-compiled cygwin1.dll so far, anyway.)
>    cheers,
>      DaveK



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