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Re: 'setup-1.7.exe -s' anomaly

Greg Chicares wrote:
> If I run
>   setup-1.7.exe -s
> and hit Enter on every screen, I get a messagebox that says:
>   Unable to get setup-2.ini from <>
> Oddly, '' is listed twice in "Available Download Sites".
> The first '' is highlighted, and doesn't work. If I
> highlight the second '' instead, then it works fine.

  Ok, this is a presentational problem.  What setup.exe displays is just the
top level of the site URL: the part from "http://"; up to the next "/", which
is the actual machine name where the mirror is located.

  However that's just an abbreviation to keep the display uncluttered;
generally, the mirror is located in a subdirectory and not at the top-level of
the mirror site.  To find the actual full URL of a mirror, take a look at the
mirrors list:

  If you hover over the "" link there, you'll see the full
address of the actual mirror directory itself, which in this case is

  So, that's what you'd have to enter for the -s option.  When you just give
the site name like you did in your example, setup.exe goes and looks for and doesn't find it (because it's actually at  And so those two ''
listings that you saw in the "download sites" page *are* actually different:
one of them is the one you entered, without the trailing part of the path, and
one of them is the full URL from the mirrors list including the trailing part
of the path, but setup.exe abbreviates both of them so they look the same way.


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