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Re: SO_REUSEADDR and windows enhanced socket security

Corinna! Thanks!
Can you shedule a build for cygwin.dll with changes included in CVS?
I promise to test it!

Thanks again,Vladimir Yesin.

Corinna Vinschen ?????:
On Dec 15 18:48, yesin wrote:
looks like a problem with SO_REUSEADDR exists in CYGWIN for all
windows with support for "Enhanced socket security" (see <>)

i'am trying to start multimple simultaneous UDP listeners for a
multicast packets on a single machine (reuse same address and port
with cygwin environment i can't run multiple listerers... bind error:
Address already in use!

Thanks for the report and especially thanks for the testcase. There is code in Cygwin which skips calls to setsockopt(SO_REUSEADDR) on systems supporting enhanced socket security. That's necessary to emulate socket re-binding behaviour more closely to POSIX behaviour. The problem was that this should have been only called for TCP sockets but Cygwin accidentally called it for UDP sockets as well. I fixed that in CVS.

Thanks again, Corinna

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