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Re: ATTN sqlite3 maintainer: Re: libsqlite3_0-3.6.21-2 breaks subversion

On 12/17/2009 4:28 PM, David Rothenberger wrote:
This appears to be a problem with sqlite3 itself.

Actually, SQLite itself is fine. The problem is a patch I made to it to move away from a deprecated Cygwin 1.5 API function, which SQLite used.

That patch did several different things, most of which were optional. I've decided to cut back to a "simplest thing that could possibly work" version of the patch, and attack the other issues in later releases.

The RFU for fixed packages has been sent. You can grab the packages direct from our web server using the command in that message if you want to verify the fix before -3 hits the mirrors.

$ cygcheck -c sqlite3
Cygwin Package Information
Package Version Status
sqlite3 3.6.21-2 OK
$ ls
$ echo -e '.schema\n.quit\n' | sqlite3 tst.db
$ /bin/ls -1 | cat -A

A mighty thank-you for crafting a test case not involving Subversion! I could not have fixed it this fast otherwise.

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