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Fwd: 1.5.25: Tools to diagnose unresponsive pre-compiled executables?

Some of my executables are unresponsive. What tools exist in cygwin
(other than gdb) to diagnose what is going on? There is no output from
the executable (ex. error msg) and these are pre-compiled executables.
No graphics. Strictly command line executables.

By "unresponsive" I mean that when I enter "executable_name -v" at the
bash prompt then nothing happens except the prompt coming back
immediately. These are all gnu programs so I expect some response
given "-v" even if it is just an error message.

This is not a program development question. The problem executables
were configured and compiled by another person many years ago and have
worked ever since on another (first) computer. The problem exists only
on a second (new) computer. I'm guessing this is a computer and/or
cygwin configuration issue.

Cygwin was installed on the second computer using the packages present
on the first computer. I've attached the output from "cygcheck -s -v
-r" on both computers. I've looked at a diff from both files but found
nothing significant. You can see that the 'cygwin dll version info'
section is identical.

All the executables are in the path, on both computers:

I've attached a folder listing (ls -l) for the executables' folder.

The unresponsive programs are all related to gcc, namely:


Other tools in the same folder are ok, namely:

arm-elf-addr2line.exe ok
arm-elf-ar.exe ok
arm-elf-as.exe ok
arm-elf-c++filt.exe ok
arm-elf-gccbug ok
arm-elf-gdb.exe ok
arm-elf-ld.exe ok
arm-elf-nm.exe ok
arm-elf-objcopy.exe ok
arm-elf-objdump.exe ok
arm-elf-ranlib.exe ok
arm-elf-readelf.exe ok
arm-elf-run.exe ok
arm-elf-size.exe ok
arm-elf-strings.exe ok
arm-elf-strip.exe ok

PS. Please assume that I have had no formal programming education. I
am learning haphazardly from books and the internet.


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