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Re: gcc-3 won't compile after cygwin upgrade (cygwin1.dll hiding)

David Nelson wrote:
> There is no question; only a report.

  It's well-known that you can't have multiple versions of the cygwin DLL
hanging around at the same time or you may get problems.  You seem to have had
both /bin dirs in your PATH at the same time; that's asking for trouble.

> Searching the web and the Cygwin archvies turned up:
>  cygcheck -svrh gcc-3 [thank you!]
> which reported that f:/cygwin/bin/cygwin1.dll was hiding c:\windows\cygwin1.dll.
> "Good," I thought "new should hide old."
> However, renaming /bin/cygwin1.dll to /bin/cygwin1.dll_ to unhide the
> older version resulted in gcc-3 succeeding.

  Right.  We should probably change the cygcheck output to not say that for
DLLs, only EXEs.  An exe earlier in the PATH hides an EXE later, but a DLL
earlier in the PATH won't necessarily get loaded ahead of one earlier in the
PATH, because the search-order rules for DLLs aren't exactly the same as for
EXEs; in particular, the first place of all it looks for DLLs is in the same
dir alongside the exe that is being started, even if that dir is way down the
PATH and there were other dirs first containing the same-named DLL.


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